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Mendham: Town Stuff: The Next Council Meeting: 05/21/2007
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Public Comment questions for the town council

The town council apparently shares, and endorses, the Mayor's unawareness "of any censering by the TV 25 committee". I would inquire of the council members what their awareness was when they passed RESOLUTION #130-06 which "specifically prohibits" political messages and material deemed inappropriate to its mission? How did the Council intend the words "political message" to be defined, and did they intend suppression of First Amendment protected Speech to be "appropriate to the TV 25 mission"?

Apparently, much public policy in the Mendham's is established by "following what's been done in other municipalities" I would inquire of council members if they believe "everyone else is doing it" is, or should be, a legitimate excuse for breaking the law?

The only public document have been able to secure, through request to the Borough administration, is an inconveniently and awkwardly formated "Municipal Data Sheet" which apparently is intended for submission to state regulators. I would inquire of councilmembers what percentage of the average citizenry they think could substantially understand the document?
As I can,t substantially understand the document, I would ask the council to define and explain:

* by what exact percentage will the municipal budget increase?
* It appears that $600,000 in surplus is deliberately created by over appropriating funds... is this the council's definition of an honest accounting method?
* what's the total debt held by the Borough of Mendham?
* As interest accrued on "capital accounts" (savings accounts) is inevitably lower than the interest paid on outstanding debt... and considering that the average taxpayer my very likely be receiving a return on personal equity many times higher than the return the municipality will generate-- What is the logic defending your scheme to pre-tax residents to create low interest bearing savings accounts, when the Borough still retains undpaid higher interest debt obligations?

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I did a couple of 10 min youtube videos of the public comment questions and answers.

InMendhan 05/21/07 council meeting Q & A pt.1
InMendhan 05/21/07 council meeting Q & A pt.2

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