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Mendham: Town Stuff: The Next Council Meeting: 08/21/2006
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Questions I will submit for the August 21st meeting.

1. The town spent some $200 for Dear Management signs. Which members of the town council were aware of how those signed would appear, and what they would say, before they were purchased? I would also inquire what the mayor and council thinks the average citizen walking in the park should think, or do, when they see one of the signs walking in the public park trespassing? It also seems to me a more appropriate warning image would be a man or child's head with an arrow through it, and more appropriate text might read... warning... publicly subsidized recreational semi-lethal bow and arrow wildlife exploitation and torture area.

2. How much--on average--does the council spend on lawyers, and other bureaucracy, to negotiate the three year contract with the 12 member local police union?

3. I have been advised that the town may have used a wrong definition of low-income in arranging for the expenditure of the funds raised through the state regulated optional COAH development tax. I have also been advised to file a formal protest to ensure proper compliance with the law. Is the town council willing to offer any assurance that formal process to correct "mistakes" will not be required?

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The Answers
[council member]
the one on the a attorney for the PBA I don't think we... I sat with Lou and Ralph on the last one and I don't think we used an attorney, other than reviewing documents
[Borough administrator]
the only time we've used attorney is when we get the draft contract in a written form we send it to the labor attorney to review and make sure we haven't...
As far as COAH all that ran through COAH before we had it approved, it was all sent to COAH for approval and sent back.
[council member]
as far as the Dear Management signs... The ones that are out there in the woods now were the same ones from years back ....we just put more out at a couple of residents request

Regarding the COAH affordable housing stuff, the mayor just ignored the facts in the question, and gave a useless answer. In approving a town's plan, the housing council doesn't scrutinize the assumptions built into their proposal. The simple fact is I have been told by the proper authorities that the town's plan does not comply with the law, and was hoping to avoid forcing the town to comply with the law through formal process... I guess that's not possible.

Regarding the deer management signs, these signs have never been posted in India brook Park.
pig food

Arrows added for affect.

The question part of my comments don't require much more than a grammar school diploma to decipher? However, what these signs are saying certainly requires some "special" intelligence I don't have any degree in. I wonder what resident requested the 7 or 8 signs down at India brook?... no doubt they must enjoy seeing people confused.

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