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Mendham: Town Stuff: The Next Council Meeting: 4/17/06
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I submitted these questions to the town council:

1) When we the consumers pay higher rates for cable television service to finance YOUR franchise agreements... are we buying you a cable television channel or are "we the people" paying for public access to a public "ACCESS" channel?

The mayor's 4/17 answer: Not sure I know how to answer that .... we're not charging anybody a higher rate for anything ...there will be the normal franchise agreements that are worked out.

2) Unanswered from the last council meeting:

You are currently charging what the law describes as the "not to exceed maximum" fee for copies of public documents. Obviously the law provides municipalities the opportunity to charge more reasonable fees... if the town has $20,000 to throw away celebrating a one hundred year-old fight over water rights, why can't it find the few dollars required to make public information held by government "freely" (or at actual cost) accessible?

The mayor's 4/17 answer: Fees are charged based on what the law has provided.... and we will continue to do that.... in terms of his comment on throwing it away.... a lot of people seem to like the idea.... it was not a fight over water rights.... it was a fight over establishing a fire protection system...some people didn't want it, some people did, and the town was formed to create a fire protection system and a water support system to back that fire support up... it was not a water rights fight I don't know where that ever came from. and we are celebrating our 100th, and proud of it, and we will continue do that.

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This is how the official "draft" minutes summarize the questions and answers:


Gary Mosher, 147 Ironia Road, questioned the higher rates on cable television financing franchise agreements. Mayor Kraft commented that the Borough would pay the normal franchise agreement rates. Mr. Mosher repeated his comment from the previous Council meeting regarding fees charged for copies of public documents and the amount of money to be spent to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mendham Borough. Mayor Kraft corrected a comment made regarding the 100th historical controversy as not being over “water rights” but for a fire protection system.

The town routinely destroys the audio recordings of meetings making mush like this the only official record of what took place. What "American" could believe this to be what the forefathers intended.

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