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Mendham: Town Stuff: The Next Council Meeting: 3/20/06
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Public comment submitted for reading at the March 20th meeting of the town council

The mayor and members of the council have in the past complained of an inefficient state bureaucracy imposing unfunded mandates and impractical regulation... yet this same town council has contrived its own government bureaucracy that is thoroughly comfortable abusing technicalities and vagaries in the law to make simple public accountability difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. In simple truth the government of your creation is overcharging, and otherwise bludgeoning the public with nuisances, to obstruct access to public information... $1 a page copying fees are not reasonable by any honest mans standard. Publishing meeting minutes after the next meeting takes place is a useless pretense. Providing voucher information that is plainly incomprehensible is an obvious affront to openness. Obliging people to submit redundant and useless forms to access very basic information insults' both the public's intelligence and dignity. The plain facts condemn you as the cause of out of control bureaucracy, and tyrants against the public interest, and the facts demonstrate you to be guilty of enough hypocrisy to have no fair right to malign and complain of the inefficiencies, incompetence, and abuses of other bureaucracies no more guilty than yourselves.

3/25/06 update:
The Mayor and Council provided no reply

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